Top quality from our own nursery

For every green professional

Whether you want a colourful floral display in a park, a prairie garden, a rainproof border or low-maintenance garden, you want it filled with lovely, strong plants. Lageschaar grows a wide range of perennials for the professional market.

Our range

Our range

Prairie Garden

Exciting mix of strong, colourful plants and ornamental grasses.

Fleur Dansante

Flowery combination of ground-covering and solitary plants.

Fleur Robuste

Visually attractive and functional colourful planting scheme.


Wide range of authentic quality plants.

Your application

Your application

Our plants and concepts offer the green professional a total solution for every application.

Want to become a Lageschaar service partner too?

We like to work with green professionals who support our vision and meet our quality standards. If you would like this practical support too, contact us free of obligation.

Service partner. For and by green professionals.

We work together with an enthusiastic group of service partners who we help achieve their green projects. Together, we create it naturally with Lageschaar!

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Create it naturally with Lageschaar

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