Perennials and Natural concepts

Would you like a garden or public space with a natural feel, where the experience is key? We will be happy to help you create a nice connection between the green and the built environment. Our aim is to improve the overall look with a varied planting scheme. This variation provides an optimal nature experience and contributes to the flora and fauna.

Low maintenance and sustainability are key principles in our vision. We support you in this with our perennials and our natural planting concepts.

Flexible planting concepts

We offer the green professional a total solution in which our strong perennials are thoughtfully combined. The planting concepts Prairie Garden®, Fleur Dansante® and Fleur Robuste® are attractive all year round, are extremely low maintenance and suit any environment. They are delivered per m2 and give practical design support with plenty of scope for your own creativity. Furthermore, we offer a ready-made selection of plant combinations in which colour, height and other plant characteristics are already perfectly aligned. You can get started at once with our landscaping plan.

Your advantage is an optimal experience with minimum maintenance!

  • fast ground coverage
  • easy to maintain
  • low management costs
  • enhanced biodiversity

Our balanced concepts are based on a vision of the management, have been applied and developed for years and have proven themselves time and again in practice.


You are also welcome at our nursery if you would just prefer to buy the perennials without a plant concept. On an area of 4 hectares, we grow over 1 million plants a year in over 1,000 species. We are SKAL-certified, meaning that all our plants are organically grown. Our authentic plants have been awarded On the way to PlanetProof and Groenkeur certification, as well as the NL Greenlabel sustainability certificate. Visit our webshop to see our full range with extensive search options. (The webshop is currently only available in Dutch)

Create it naturally with Lageschaar

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