Fleur Robuste®

Robust reliability

Fleur Robuste® is a sustainable solution for colourful public green spaces. The larger groups of perennials enhance the environment. This is a colourful and low-maintenance alternative for a lawn and traditional shrubs. This planting concept includes a selective assortment of strong perennials, whose application is equally important. Correct application makes maintenance easy and ensures low management costs.

Visually attractive and functional green

This strong, colourful planting scheme is much appreciated by people living near the green space. The vegetation quickly covers the ground, is hardy and has minimum offshoots. The green enhances the identity of the outdoor space. Being vandal proof also means that the varied and colourful bed can be enjoyed for years.


The plants in the Fleur Robuste® planting concept meet all the criteria for application in varying circumstances in public green spaces and large gardens. It is ideal for areas that are difficult to access and maintain. Examples are bed planting, edge planting in shrub beds, under solitary shrubs and tree canopies, in cemeteries, business parks and landmark locations, in residential areas and at health and welfare institutions.

Plant selection criteria
  1. strong, good growers
  2. disease free
  3. sufficiently hardy
  4. reliable and vandal proof
  5. self maintaining
  6. minimum lifespan of around 10 years
  7. low maintenance
  8. recovery ability
The advantages
  • fast ground coverage
  • extremely low maintenance
  • low management costs
  • reliable and vandal proof
  • enhanced biodiversity
  • visually attractive and functional
  • cost savings compared with shrubs
More information?

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