Prairie Garden®

Natural beauty, colourful and low maintenance

Prairie Garden® is low-maintenance planting and provides a wonderful experience due to its natural beauty and variation in colour and structure throughout the seasons. The flowering plants are distributed in varying combinations all over the prairie border. This balanced combination of long-flowering perennials and ornamental grasses creates a colourful garden or border which requires little maintenance.

Climate-adaptive planting

The climate is changing, and consequently the requirements relating to our outdoor space. Prairie planting is sustainable and responds to these changing requirements of nature. Prairie Garden® is ideal for use in a climate-friendly garden, looks natural and has a positive impact on biodiversity.

Good water management

Prairie Garden® is a stable system that virtually prevents weeds because the plants are deeply rooted. The top eight centimetres are covered with a specially composed mix of lava rock. The prairie plants are planted in this layer. The lava granulate keeps out germinating weeds for the most part and ensures good water management for the plants. It has a water-storage capacity which allows a Prairie Garden® to withstand heavy rainfall and abundant water well. In dry periods, the lava prevents the soil and prairie plants from dehydration.

Custom or ready-made combinations

Besides our custom combinations, we also offer ready-made selections of perennials. You choose in terms of colour, height and other plant characteristics. With over 30 unique combinations, our prairie border concept is flexible and can therefore be applied in any space and for any surface.


Prairie Garden® is particularly suited to a sunny position, but we also have good possibilities for positions in half shade. We will be happy to advise you on a specific soil type, position or soil moisture. The prairie feel of our plant combinations reflects well in both big and small areas. For an impression, see the following plant combinations.

The following photos show the atmosphere that can be achieved with the ready-made combinations for the prairie garden. Depending on the size of the bed, different plant species can be used than the ones shown. A Prairie Garden® is created with good, strong plants in pot size p9 and is not delivered as a seed mix.


The advantages
  • extremely low maintenance
  • sustainable planting scheme
  • good water management
  • enhanced biodiversity
  • fast ground coverage
  • low management costs
  • great experience value all year round
More information about

The use of lava

Download the plant combination chart

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