Strong and authentic

Lageschaar Vaste Planten is a 4 hectare nursery in the Achterhoek region where we grow over 1 million plants a year in over 1,000 species. We manage all our own production in house. From taking cuttings, propagation and sowing to growing them into beautiful perennials for delivery. Lageschaar has its own mother plant field to ensure authenticity and delivery reliability.

Minimum loss

We do not unnaturally accelerate plant growth. Our plants therefore grow more slowly and leave our nursery with a good root ball. This means they have a good, branched root system that can provide the plant with all the essential nutrients. This buffer of nutrients, which are gradually released during the first season, ensures a good start to growth and minimises plant mortality.

Sustainably produced plants have grown steadily, enabling them to adapt much better to their final position. The plants therefore take root better, resulting in fewer losses. Sustainably grown perennials will always be a cheaper solution in the long term.

Quality assurance

Our perennials are delivered with a On the way to PlanetProof and Groenkeur product certificate and have the NL Greenlabel sustainability label A. Because of our strict internal checklists and regular external business audits (NAK tuinbouw), the authenticity and quality of our perennials are guaranteed. Since 2022 we are officially SKAL-certified and we can call ourselves an organic nursery.

Interested in how we can help you? Please feel free to ask us about the options, free of obligation.

Create it naturally with Lageschaar

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