Sustainably grown for sustainable applications

Sustainable growing is in our genes. Located in the lovely Achterhoek countryside, we respect the nature around us. We reuse our pots, hoe and weed mechanically where possible and use plant enhancers and organic pesticides. And we apply many more sustainable measures. This creates, among other things, more biodiversity in the soil and on the plant. Resulting in a stronger and more resilient soil ecosystem. We produce good quality plant material which can give you and your customer years of enjoyment.


Our plants are grown sustainably under SKAL, On the way to PlanetProof and Groenkeur certification. It is important to us to create a good living environment for people and nature. Our products therefore have the NL Greenlabel sustainability label A.


The global population continues to grow, as does consumption. Our human ecological footprint exceeds the capacity of the planet to supplement it. It is important to restore the balance between people and nature so that we can assure ourselves and the next generations of a future. It feels good to work in a sustainable way, whilst also ensuring satisfied customers.

Do you want a more sustainable living environment too? Together, we explore the options for your plan or project. Please feel free to contact us, free of obligation.

Create it naturally with Lageschaar

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