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1. What are cookies?

Lageschaar Vaste Planten uses cookies. Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer when you visit our website. These files store information about (for example) your preferences, which can be consulted at a subsequent visit.

2. Which cookies do we use?

Here is a list of the cookies we use on this website.

2.1 Functional cookies
Lageschaar Vaste Planten uses functional cookies. These cookies are necessary for to function correctly. In other words: they are necessary to deliver the required service.

Craft CMS

Our website functions based on the software of Craft CMS. Craft uses cookies and these are required to enable you to use the website. These cookies are essential to enable the website to function. It stores user and session data.

Type: Functional (essential)
Retention period: maximum 1 year
Share: No personal data are stored or shared.
More information:

2.2 Tracking and analytical cookies
Lageschaar Vaste Planten uses analytical cookies. With these cookies, we analyse how users use our website; this way we can see, for example, which pages are or are not frequently visited. We use this information to optimise our website.

We use Google Analytics, for example to measure how you found our website and how you use our website. Based on this information, we can optimise the functioning of our website. If you do not give your consent for this, we may not place this cookie.

Type: Analytical.
Retention period: these cookies are deleted after the page is closed.
Share: Lageschaar Vaste Planten has switched off share data. Google will not therefore share your data with third parties.

Lageschaar Vaste Planten has signed a processing agreement with Google. We have also chosen to mask the last octet of the IP address. Furthermore, no other Google services are used in combination with the Google Analytics cookies.
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We use Google Ads to match advertisements on our website and on other websites to your interests wherever possible, so that you see the most relevant advertisements.

Type: Analytical/tracking.
Share: Google will not share your data with third parties.
Retention period: Google stores this cookie for a maximum of 1 month. Your name or similar data are never stored.
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3. New cookies

If Lageschaar Vaste Planten adds new cookies or if we change our cookie policy, we will always ask you for permission to use this cookie (unless this is a cookie which falls under the exceptions for essential cookies in the cookie law).

4. More information about cookies?

More information is available about cookies via the following links. However, Lageschaar Vaste Planten is in no way responsible for (damage resulting from) (in)completeness or (in)accuracy of the information on the websites of these (and other) third parties.

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