Floriade Expo 2022

'Wild at Heart'

From 14 April 2022 and for a full six months, Almere will host the world horticultural exhibition Floriade Expo 2022. It provides a stage for Dutch horticulture and national and international participants to present creative, green solutions that make our cities more enjoyable, liveable and sustainable: 'Growing Green Cities’.

Combination of native and common plants

Lageschaar Vaste Planten will be presenting its own ‘Wild at Heart’ exhibit during the Floriade. ‘Wild at Heart’ makes a positive contribution to the ‘Growing Green Cities’ theme. Improving ecosystems for insects, bees, butterflies, birds and other animals is vital in the urban environment. ‘Wild at Heart’ is a natural planting scheme that incorporates a skilful combination of native plants and common perennials.

It merges the best of both worlds: wild and native to increase biodiversity, with a standard range of perennials for strong structures and interesting displays throughout the year! This exhibit presents what people and animals need!

‘Wild at Heart’ is a new way of using native plants!
  • attractive planting scheme for use in every garden design
  • long-lasting planting scheme requiring minimum maintenance
  • a garden that creates a healthy and sustainable environment for people and animals
  • a wonderful canvas offering a unique year-round experience, for ultimate enjoyment
  • natural, wild and aesthetic: bring (urban) nature to your home!

Find out more and be inspired to use native plants.
Bring urban nature to your home and create your own ‘Wild at Heart’ garden!

What else is there to see in the garden?

Circular solutions for public spaces. The garden paths were laid using StabUp - strong, stable and flexible paving that’s a truly great match for a green environment and which creates a sustainable path that is 100% natural and carbon neutral.

The ‘Alltagsmenschen’ are the beautiful sculptures in this garden, an artistic depiction of everyday life. Life in its purest form, in the most human form of beauty. Art from people, about people and for people.

Created with the support of



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Create it naturally with Lageschaar

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