Frequently Asked Questions

Every day we receive many questions on the phone and by e-mail. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What are the opening hours of the inspiration borders at the nursery?

The Lageschaar Borders are open to the public every day, free of charge. For each plant combination, there is a corresponding model border at our nursery. These borders are free to visit at any time. For more information, we advise green professionals to arrange a time in advance so that someone is available to talk to you. Private visitors can contact their local gardener or one of our service partners for more information. The nursery itself is only accessible to employees.

What is the best planting time?

Planting is possible all year round, depending on the weather conditions. However, it is best to postpone planting in frosty or snowy conditions. The same applies to hot and dry summer months. Plants cannot cope with the heat stress at that moment. Furthermore, we need to use water sparingly, despite plants needing a lot of water to keep them moist in that period.

How do I give the plants enough water?

A recently laid border needs regular and sufficient watering. Keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • After planting, do not let the lava - if used - dry out. Keep it wet until the plants have taken root and start growing. Keeping the lava moist then depends on the weather conditions.
  • Water the plants based on observation. For example, when the plants show signs of dehydration and/or when the lava has nearly dried up down to the soil.
  • When watering is required, the principle is to give a maximum of 20-30 mm water 1x a week, depending on the soil type. It is better to give sufficient water 1x a week than a little water several times a week. In extreme heat, you might consider giving extra water.
  • Preferably water the plants early in the morning, at the end of the afternoon or in the early evening. The sun is then less intense or has disappeared and plants are better able to absorb the water.
  • Do not use standard watering settings on your irrigation controller, but use it based on your own observation.
  • TIP: install a rain meter to help you determine the amount of water.
When is a position sunny and when is it half shade?

This partly depends on where the border is located. Various environmental factors can influence the growth and health of the plants, such as what time of day they are in the sun, if there is leaf coverage, reflection from a wall, etc. The following serves as a guideline:

Sun: minimum 5 hours of full sun a day
Half shade: minimum 2 hours and maximum 5 hours of full sun a day
Shade: maximum 2 hours of full sun a day

Are the planting concepts delivered in a pot or as seeds?

All the perennials that we grow are delivered as good, strong plants in pot size P9. So, the planting concepts are not delivered as seeds.

How do I order a Lageschaar planting concept?

A green professional orders it directly from Lageschaar. A private order can be placed via a local gardener, for example one of our service partners. You order a plant combination per m2. The lava granulate must be ordered separately. We provide the supplier details. We can deliver small quantities along with your order in mini big bags of 0.5 m3, to avoid double shipping costs. From 50 m2, we come and arrange the planting scheme in your border and you then plant the plants yourself. Up to 50 m2, the planting scheme can be delivered premixed. You then position and plant the plants according to the instructions.

Is it really necessary to use lava granulate in a Prairie Garden?

Yes, this is essential. More information is available here. If no lava is used, we cannot deliver a Prairie Garden. We then advise using Fleur Dansante, for example.

Can you use a root-proof membrane under a Prairie Garden?

We do not use a root-proof membrane with a prairie border. Such a membrane will actually cause problems for plants with offshoots and rootstocks. Plants need to put down roots as deep as possible, and this is limited by using a membrane. The unique function and ideas behind the Prairie Garden system are then disrupted and consequently, the desired effect will not be achieved.

Can you plant a Prairie Garden near an oak tree?

When planting a Prairie Garden under an oak tree, it is vitally important that the acorns are removed from the border in good time to prevent them taking root. Leaves must also be removed when mowing and clearing at the end of the winter.

Will I get exactly the same Prairie Garden or Fleur Dansante border as shown in the photos of these plant combinations?

The Lageschaar planting concepts are sold by image. No planting scheme / species list is provided. The photos show the atmosphere of the ready-made plant combinations. Depending on the size and situation of the bed, different plant varieties may be used than the ones shown.

Is a Prairie Garden or Fleur Dansante also suitable for a small garden?

For borders smaller than 15 m2, not all the plant varieties from the original plant mix are used. However, the same look and atmosphere are created with fewer plant varieties. Borders smaller than 5 m2 are too small to deliver a Prairie Garden or Fleur Dansante in the right proportions. The final look will then not be as desired. In that case, we advise choosing individual plants. A smaller border also requires more maintenance.

Can a Prairie Garden be planted in front of a fence in a narrow 60 cm strip with little/no sun?

This is not possible due to the position. Also, the taller plants often fall slightly forward, which is not desirable. We advise choosing shade-loving plants. You can also order these in our webshop.

Can you combine Prairie Garden and Fleur Dansante with trees and shrubs?

They can be combined with a small tree or solitary shrubs where there is room to plant underneath. Low shrubs in the border do not give the desired final effect, so we do not recommend them.

Do you also deliver trees and shrubs?

We only deliver perennials. For trees and shrubs, green professionals can contact our neighbours 'Boomkwekerij Rendering'. Private customers can contact their local gardener or one of our service partners for more information.

Do you have another question?

Contact us with any questions or for advice.

Create it naturally with Lageschaar

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