Commercial Green

The first impression

The image of a commercial building or business park reflects on the company. It makes a first impression of the company. Green adds value to the work environment and ensures a pleasant and safe workplace. It stimulates creativity, provides moments of relaxation and gives a sense of security among employees and visitors.

Sustainable work environment

A well-managed green space provides a sustainable work environment and a better working climate. Depending on your wishes, we usually advise a low-maintenance planting scheme with a long lifespan which increases biodiversity. An example is the prairie garden. If you choose a planting scheme that changes with the seasons, you will have a lovely natural look for each time of year.


We deliver our perennials for office gardens, courtyards and roof gardens for businesses and institutions. In the commercial sector as well as for childcare centres, educational institutions and leisure centres. We also advise on the proper use of our plants in outdoor areas in business and industrial parks, whereby integrating municipal green space next to the business premises provides an extra professional and interesting look.

Concepts for commercial green

Prairie Garden
Fleur Dansante
Fleur Robuste

More information?

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