Private Garden

Living enjoyment

Nowadays, the private garden is often considered an extension of the interior. People generally want to enjoy the garden, but do not want to work on it too much. However, there is one thing we all agree on: green enhances our living enjoyment!

More green provides shade and cooling in the increasingly hot summers. Green improves the air quality and reduces the concentration of fine particles. It also improves the habitat of birds, insects and other animals. A greener environment is enjoyable and relaxing!

Low-maintenance garden

You can make or commission a landscaping design with our strong perennials. Or you can choose a ready-made combination of our Fleur Dansante® or Prairie Garden® planting concept. These low-maintenance planting concepts give you an optimal garden experience with minimum maintenance!

Private sales

Our professional total concepts and perennials are available for the private garden via the (landscape) gardener. Private individuals can also request a quote on the webshop or place orders themselves by e-mail. Our model borders are freely accessible each day for inspiration for your prairie border or natural garden.

Create it naturally with Lageschaar

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