Public Space

Versatile use of green

Many aspects are involved when landscaping a public space. Besides wishes like a colourful, flowering public green space, there are often other requirements like climate-adaptive planting. As a strategic partner of 'Stichting Steenbreek', we support their objective for the proper use of green:

  • as part of the solution for the air and water problems
  • to counter social and societal degradation
  • to increase the attractiveness of the urban area

The importance of maintenance and management

We like to support our customers in many areas. We share our knowledge and experience about the right planting choice and, if desired, create a custom planting plan. But landscaping, maintenance and management are also important themes that need discussing.


Which plants do I use in a rainproof border? How do I prevent the public from walking over the beds? What is a suitable planting scheme for a roundabout, or on a kerb alongside a busy road? How do I increase biodiversity in my park? Is a prairie border suitable for my project or would a different planting scheme be better?

With our sustainable and low-maintenance planting concepts, we have an answer to every question. Furthermore, the simplicity of maintenance and low management costs make these planting systems extremely interesting in economic terms.

Concepts for public green spaces

Prairie Garden
Fleur Dansante
Fleur Robuste

More information?

Contact us with any questions or for advice.

Create it naturally with Lageschaar

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